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Nomad UK Stealth Tweed Plus 3 Breeks


  • £310.00

The Plus 3 and 4 are without doubt our favourite stealth garments. A classic 'Shooting Breek' this design is smart, light, and comfortable offering total protection in the worst of weather. So light you hardly know you are wearing anything and yet so versatile and practical these can even be worn like trouser inside boots etc. Fabric's natural stretch means no restriction when climbing hills.

Features Include:
- 2 large front pockets and one studded back pocket. Leather trimmed.

Please also note that the lower fold of the Plus 3 and Plus 4 is the only area where there is a likelihood that body warmth may fail to reach. This can affect the chemistry as the body warmth in relation to the outer relative cold temperature is means by which the chemistry operates, with same temperature on both sides molecules may not know which direction to face so we advise once in a while in very wet conditions to just rub the excess water off the surface just above the fold.

- We advise ordering a size larger at waist for greater comfort when wearing winter clothing layers.

Tags: Breeks , Trousers

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