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Due to UK legislation it is not our policy to sell online. To purchase please call 07730 898216 or visit our shop. Our current product range with prices are displayed here for your convenience.
Transactions relating to shotguns, firearms and air weapons must be done on a face to face basis. If you are unable to visit us, arrangements can be made to purchase these items via your local firearms dealer.


Remington Shoot Gun AmmunitionThe Remington Accutip is an incredibly accurate polymer-tipped big game bullet. It expands quickly to dispatch medium game whilst maintaining concentricity in a superior design. With high velocity and subsonic ranges, Remington offer a sound choice.

.17 HMR Accutip

£13.50 per 50

.22 subs

£7.30 per 100

.22 HV

£7.30 per 100

.22-250 Accutip 50g

£30.20 per 20

.222 Accutip 50g

£25.00 per 20

.223 Accutip 55g

£30.20 per 20

.243 Accutip 75g

£31.70 per 20



Hormandy Shoot Gun AmmunitionWhether you choose the energy retention, accuracy and patented Flex Tip Bullet Technology of the SST or the dramatic expansion and inflight stability of the V-Max, Hornady high performance, high quality ammunition is manufactured to be accurate, deadly and dependable.

.17 HMR

£13.95 per 50

.243 58g v-max moly

£28.00 per 20

.243 7g SST

£31.40 per 20

243 75g HP

£28.00 per 20

270 150g sp

£26.50 per 20

30 06 150g sp

£26.50 per 20



Federal PremiumThe Federal 30 06 remains to be a leading centrefire rifle hunting cartridge renowned to perform on a range of game in a variety of situations whilst the 308 is a popular choice for medium to large game and competitive shooting. Federal have existed to provide high-quality shotshell, centerfire and rimfire ammunition since 1922.

270 150g sprn

£25.00 per 20

30 06 150g sp

£29.00 per 20

308 win 150g P-shok

£26.50 per 20

308 win 168g matchking

£34.00 per 20

7mm (7x75) Mauser 140g

£41.00 per 20



Winchester AmmunitionWinchester Super-X provides high velocity and maximum impact with proven accuracy and rapid controlled expansion whilst the Varmint X features a polymer tip with an alloy jacket and lead core to rapidly fragment.

.22 HV

£4.50 per 50

.22 sub

£4.95 per 50

.22-250 Super-X

£29.80 per 20

.223 Varmint X

£25.50 per 20

.243 Super X 100g

£22.50 per 20



Eley AmmunitionEley subsonic is a hunting cartridge with target shooting accuracy. Promising unequaled expansion characteristics and impressive stopping power it is perfect for vermin control.

.22 subs

£5.80 per 50



SAKOThe comprehensive Sako range of ammunition is supported by innovative technology and rigorous testing. The ballistically advanced Arrowhead is particularly suitable for think skinned big game whilst the Gamehead is a traditional all-purpose bullet for small to medium sized game. Impressive reloadability and consistent performance are common features across all products.

.22-250 REM 50g SP

£25.00 per 20

.222 50g Arrowhead sp

£23.20 per 20

.243 Gamehead 100g sp

£29.60 per 20

30 06 123g sp

£34.20 per 20

30 06 super 150g sp

£33.00 per 20

308 IMI 150g

£18.00 per 20

308 win 123g sp

£30.10 per 20